skin is made
for touching
for scraping
for wanting
for writing on
and that itch beneath
beyond reaching
beyond aching
beyond searching
beyond excusing
chased into shadows
gray and weak
stepping over
hiding under
talking over
falling under
papering over
unwilling to stomach
one more kiss
face to face
moon to moon
shit to shit
naked for nothing
wasted for nothing
broken for nothing
to be poked
to be watched
to be fixed
to be trained
to be worth the effort
teased as a spent shot
in twisted ruin
in faded passion
in tapered deviation
in tortured exception
in angered confession
in tainted salvation
fistful of fitful dream
bruised dream
abused dream
suffocated dream
edgewise dream
feral dream
knotted dream
slapped down slipped dream
so neatly monogrammed
so I would know
so I would know
so I would know
like how my skin
was made.
so I would know.


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